Well, that didn’t go all that great…

Last night was the Costco Travel Holiday Party.  While I have been to several different parties through the years as a spouse, this was the first I went to as an employee.  Needless to say, it was quite different.  Anyway, the buffet was nice.  I ended up having some salad (pre tossed with dressing), a couple big scoops of scalloped taters and I tried a piece of chicken cause it looked good!  I ended up having only 2 small bites of the chicken though.  By the end of the night I had had 4 beers, another helping of scalloped potatoes and some salad.  I also had a few of the little dessert items (3 1/2 cookies and a couple 1 inx1in cheesecake squares).  I can only estimate that my entire day was valued at ~ 3054 calories (I bet less, but I’ll go with it!).

Week # 1 is done!

I had planned to post more, however with things picking up at work, I just haven’t been able to find time.  This post will summarize my week for me.  It was a good week.  Not a “Perfect Week”, but it was still pretty darn good :)

Friday, January 3rd – I got off to a great start.  Before work I made smoothies for me for both breakfast and lunch.  By the end of the day though I was feeling hungry and I had that “want” to physically eat something.  I figured there should be no harm eating something as long as it was #PlantStrong! I had an apple and a banana for dinner and that put my total calories for that day at 962.

Saturday, January 4th –  Today was another great day.  I had my 2 smoothies (breakfast/lunch) and while at work I also added some Vita Coco, Coconut Water, so I can get some much needed potassium.  For dinner I had 1 cup each of steamed carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. My total calories today was 927.

Sunday, January 5th – Started feeling in the groove by Sunday.  Had my 2 smoothies for breakfast/lunch.  Had more Vita Coco at work (its great to sip on while at my desk) and then for dinner I had 10.3oz of baked acorn squash and 1/2 cup of broccoli & cauliflower.  My total calories today were 1003.

Monday, January 6th –  I made my 2 smoothies today as I had been doing, however, today I because of being busy at work I was only able to drink 1/2 of my smoothie for lunch.  I did bring it back to my desk and kept sipping on it between calls, but it quickly got warm and funky!  I did end up drinking 24oz of Vita Coco and for dinner I had 7.6oz of baked acorn squash (love that stuff!) and a large sliced tomato.  My total calories for that day was 854.

Tuesday, January 7th – This morning I got up and the last thing I wanted was a smoothie.  I am not sure if it was just that I was getting smoothied out, or if I was just too dang lazy to want to make them this morning, so I didn’t. For breakfast I had 2 bananas and a large sliced tomato.  For lunch I brought to work with me 1 cup each of steamed broccoli & cauliflower.  Dinner was another tomato and 8oz of baked potato.  As I was watching TV later I snacked on 15 no salt saltines.  My total calories for the day came in at 702.

Wednesday, January 8th -Today I went in to work on my day off to work 4 hours of OT.  I started at 6:55am so needless to say I was not in the mood to make anything for breakfast.  I ended up bringing 2 cups of raw cauliflower and 2 bananas.  I ate on that up until about 1:30pm.  Just snacking. Today I also met some friends at the Casino in Marysville, so I knew I would probably have some beer and lunch with them, which I did.  I ended up having 3 beers and a veggie breakfast burrito.  I ate that burrito for lunch as well as for dinner (even sharing it with my pup pups).  I figured my calories for the day at ~2372.

Thursday, January 9th – Today, well, this is a reason why I hate having days off.  It started out great with my wife and I running errands. Then, we went for Mexican.  What I had for lunch, a veggie burrito (see the pattern?), a chili releno and 1 beer.  I brought most of the burrito home for dinner, even shared some with my pups.  I estimate the calories for the day at ~1924.

Friday, January 10th – I got right back on the horse today.  I only ended up having 506 calories, but I ate all day long it seemed.  I had a smoothie for breakfast (split one with my wife), for lunch it was 4oz of butternut squash and 8oz of tomatoes, dinner was 7oz of baked potato (with only pepper on it) and I did have 16oz of vita coco water as well during the day.  That’s a total of 506 calories.

From 1/3/14/ to the morning of 1/10/14 I lost a total of 26 pounds.  I understand that is mostly fluid, but its crazy to think I was just carrying that around.  Going forward my goal is 5-6 pounds a week. :)


And So It Begins….

You have to take baby steps before you can run, yeah?  Today, right now as I am typing this, I am learning to take those baby steps.  As I sit here I am in the first few hours of what I know will be an AMAZING 8 day juice (smoothie) fast.  It is not going to be easy.  No chance in the world at that.  I simply love to eat.  I love the flavors, I love the activity, I love it all.  However, I know that is why I am where I am.  Today, at this moment, we are all witnessing a change in my life.  As I have said before, I have failed way too many times in the past.  But had I not gone through all of that, I wouldn’t have been in my doctors office the day I was 3 weeks ago for him to talk to me like he did.  If I hadn’t have failed, that conversation wouldn’t have had a reason to ever be.  Granted, yes, that would have been the better outcome overall (to have lost this weight long ago), but would I have learned anything from it had it come easy to me?  I doubt it.  So today.  Right now.  At this very moment.  I am learning to take those baby steps that will help me because the guy I’ve always known I could be.  Time for my 1st smoothie… baby steps! :)

Almost depressing….

I have spent some time this morning looking back over posts from when I originally started this blog.  Most of it is interesting to me, but then some of it, by virtue of my failures, is almost depressing.  I say “Almost” because what hit me is that I *HAD* to have those failures to be able to be here, at this exact moment, doing what I am doing right now.  To be prepared.  To be ready for this next leg of my journey, I had to fail there.  If I had succeeded fully, I wouldn’t have found such confidence as I have from my doctor. All those “Broken Roads” have led me to this point.  If they didn’t happen, I wouldn’t be here right now.  Plus, are they really “Failures” if I have learned something each time? I know my weight is up from where I was.  But I also know that overall I am better off, so something has been learned, right?  Onward and upward… or is that downward? :)

Worth the read… AGAIN!


The Book That Changed My Outlook!

I am once again reading the book that I feel saved my life.  While my weight might not be where I had hoped it would be since I first read “Eat To Live”, I know that overall I am much better off than I was before I read it originally.  Now I am going to reread it to soak it all in again.  To be able to pick up on things that I might have missed previously and add them to the things that are already set within me.  I know this will help me dramatically going forward.  After my juice (smoothie) fast(s), I am going to go back to a FULL VEGAN lifestyle.  I have never been more determined than I am now to do that.  I know before I have been “Gung Ho”, however, after talking to my doctor 2 weeks ago… I AM READY!! I have his FULL support.  I will *NOT* fail this time because I am *NOT* going to “give it a try”.  This time I am going to do it!  I am going to go from a “Knower” to a “Doer”.  I have it in me.  My time is now.  2014 will be the YEAR OF KEN!  It will be the year I become who I have always known I could be.  Can’t wait for the calendar to flip to the new year to start becoming the new me! :)

Not great, but still going…

Today was day # 3 of smoothies.  Had mine for breakfast & lunch again.  Even talked Ron at work into trying one.  He liked it.  We talked about how to make them and he is interested in trying to do them with me come January. :)

Dinner tonight I finished the rest of my chili (about 1/2 bowl), which did have cheese with it.  I also had some fries and tarter.  The fries were baked at home though.  The tarter is from Kidd valley, good stuff, but I know I shouldn’t have it.

Worst part of the night for me was while making rice krispie treats for work and to take to the inlaws on Christmas, I had several bites.  I really wanted to wait until Tuesday, but I am weak!  A few bites had chocolate on them as well.  Still, overall, better than most normal days….

Day #2 of Smoothies

Day # 2 started off great!  I had my smoothie for breakfast and lunch, just like on Day # 1.  They were TASTY!  However, when I got home, I had a bowl and 1/2 of homemade veggie chili.  Several problems here. 1 being that I ate too much really.  I need to portion it out to a cup or 2 ONLY.  This most certainly was much more than that.  Probably 2-3x that!  Secondly, I added cheese to it.  Why?  Because it was there, that’s why.  Then to top it off, I had a few bites of my wife’s mac & cheese.  Not good, I know.  The best I can say is that this is just a phase to gear me up to getting ready to do this “for real”.  What that means is that I will *NOT* beat myself up.  If I can do 2 meals with the smoothies for most of the days between now and when I start for real, I will be ok with that.  Truth is, I plan to get my Holiday On and enjoy some things I know I shouldn’t before I go “Hardcore”.  I am just gonna be smart and not go overboard.  I think that’s a good idea. :)

Day #1 of Smoothies…

Day # 1 went great! I got up this morning and made smoothies for me for breakfast as well as one to take to work for lunch. Breakfast was a 24oz smoothie that went down fast and easy. Lunch was a 32oz one, that I enjoyed over a 2 hour period of time. I was also drinking water as well, so that might be why it took me a while. Either way, I was full from both. That’s what really matters anyway.

For dinner I made a plate of sautéed mushrooms (Brown Button) & onion. I didn’t measure it out but I estimate it was about 5 cups of mushrooms and a cup of onions.  Funny thing is that about just a few bites, I was already getting full.  I finished my plate, don’t get me wrong, but it did take me a while (including having to reheat it at one point).

I plugged all my information into “MyFitnessPal.com” and the following was my intake for today:

Breakfast & Lunch (combined total)
Strawberries – 1 cup: 77 calories
Banana – 110 calories
Spinach – 2 cups raw: 14 calories
1 small Red apple: 81 calories
1 carrots: 70 calories

Onions – 1 cup: 67 calories
Mushrooms – 5 cups: 77 calories

Total: 496 calories

It’s been a loooooong time!

It looks like my last post was way back on August 4th! Man, have things changed since then. Not all for the better, but change is change. In that time I have learned a lot about myself. I have changed jobs (after 8 years I left Jackson Hewitt Tax Service and started working for Costco Wholesale in their Travel Department selling cruises), I have started my own Tax Company (“Lee Tax Service”), competed a bucket list item of seeing all 50 states (hit Hawaii with my wife in August, was a great time!), got in a wreck with one of our cars (not too bad, but freaked me out!), almost got in a wreck with our other car, gained 25 pounds, lost part of that and overall, just experienced life… good & bad.

Why am I back? I am back because this is a journey. As with all journeys there are times where things don’t go great, where you lose your way, where you start walking off that path that you know you are meant to walk down. Then there are times, like this one, where you have spent the last few weeks, or more, looking over at that path and realizing that you have to get back to it. That you must get back to it. That you **NEED** to get back to it! I am finally back on that path. It’s time to continue this journey. I am ready.

What got me back? Over the past few months since we got back from Hawaii I have spent time going up and down in weight. Gain a few, lose a few, gain a few more. Bottom line is that I have stayed between the 469-490 range. I’d lose a few pounds then go out have a few beers and a big plate of nachos. This happened even though I knew that I shouldn’t/couldn’t be doing it. As time went on, the more and more I realized exactly why I keep doing these things. When I was going great last year, I avoided **ALL** animal products. Be that meat, eggs, cheese or whatever. Being a vegetarian you can still have eggs and you can have the thing that is the most addicting to me, cheese. Cheese is a gateway for me. Having it make me crave not only it, but stuff I shouldn’t have. Once this really started sinking in to me, about the time I realized just how much cheese I was eating (WAY too much!), I had the realization that I *NEEDED* to go back to strict Vegan. I have to do it, for me, for my life, for my family.

On Thursday I went in to see the doctor. It was just a routine visit. For years I have had hearing loss in my right ear. back in 2003 I went in and they put a tube in it. It did no good. I don’t know if they didn’t do it right or if it came out or what happened, but it did no good. At that time I just gave up. Just dealt with it. I didn’t really care enough to do something about it. However, with my new job I am on the phone constantly. I have to wear my headset on my left ear because I wouldn’t be able to hear good enough in my right ear. This creates a problem when I need to hear someone else talking to me at the same time I am a call. After a couple months of this being a royal pain, I decided to go see the doc. Come to find out, as he said, I have “severe hearing loss” in that ear (DUH!). Anyway, that’s not really what I wanted to talk about other than to say it’s what I have been dealing with lately. The real thing I want to talk about from the Doctor visit was how after we were done he asked me something. He asked, “Have you ever seen ‘Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead’?” My ears perked up as I replied, “Yes, yes I have. Why?” He spent the next few minutes telling me how he saw it for the first time last night and how while watching Phil Staples, the truck driver for those that have seen it, he couldn’t help but think of me. He said I literally said, “THAT’S KEN! People love you. You are a great guy. You have lots of friends, but you need to do something.” I almost started crying. I asked him what he thought of juicing? If he thought it was ok to do. he explained to me how he felt that there was “nothing with it that wasn’t medically sound.” I told him how just that morning my wife and I had been talking and I stated that starting January 3rd or 4th I wanted to do a 28 Day Vegan challenge. That I needed to get back to that. He went on to tell me that he suggests I do a 2 week juice fast. he doesn’t really want me doing just the juice though. He suggested getting a Vitamix and blending everything up. That way you are also getting the pulp/fiber that will help you fill up as well. He was talking about doing “Green Smoothies” and I already love them! I have never done just them for a prolong period of time though. He said he truly felt that I could do this and that it would help me out in so many ways, he said “not only will it help your weight, but your blood pressure and your afib”, which spoke right to me! He went on to say that imagine the inspiration I could be when I lose 100lbs by doing this. We discussed this for a few more minutes. I told him, “Doc, you have no idea how much I needed this right now!” I left his office floating on cloud nine.

So what am I doing now? I started a 2 day juice (smoothie) challenge this morning. I am going to have smoothies for both breakfast & lunch, then for dinner a #PLANTSTRONG meal. This will be an intro for me. Then next week I will do it 3-4 days. Then starting January 4th, I am going to go 2 full weeks doing this. At that point I will reassess what I need to do for me. Would it be better for me to have solid food for lunch or am I going strong? Can I go full on juice? We’ll know more than.

Quite excited. Can’t wait to see the results of this. I can’t wait to see the new me…

Saturday Sucked Ass!

There is only a couple of things I can really say about Saturday. Both are things I have learned about myself, which will help me in the future…

1) DO NOT ALLOW SOMEONE ELSE TO EFFECT YOUR EATING! Let’s just say that I allowed someone to get me so fucking pissed off that I went out to the bar, had a couple, then I ate stuff I shouldn’t have. This one will take some time to work on.

2) That you can do “exercise” by just doing every day things. I did not work out yesterday, yet I still managed to get 38 minutes of “activity” and burned just over 4800 calories. How? I went to Costco and walked around Lowes. Crazy huh? But very good to know.

After yesterday, it was easy to get back on track this morning. I am actually hating myself for allowing this person to get to me like that, but the way I see it… FUCK THEM!